Our Friends


Waterland is a local autonomous Church endeavouring to function as Biblically as we know how, according to the pattern for Church that we see in the New Testament.

We believe that the input from and accountability to an Apostolic Team is essential to the health and growth of the local Church. (Eph 2:20 ; 4:11 -16)

New Covenant Ministries is an Apostolic team linked together through friendship, a common ministry vision and set of Biblical values. It works into local Churches by invitation only.

Waterland relates to NCMI on the basis of friendship and a mutual working together to fulfil the Great Commission. (Matt 28:18-20)
Through this covering and partnership, we find accountability and wisdom in areas such as finance, doctrine and leadership. It also provides many opportunities to work into different parts of the world.

Visit www.ncmi.net

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